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Digital  परिवर्तन

Digital परिवर्तन is not just social work, but a grand vision to build a digitally economy, on the backbone of our local businesses that are still deprived of the digital revolution.

A first of its kind cooperative movement in the digital world that takes its inspiration from AMUL and LIJJAT movement - has been envisioned to extend Digital Economy and Connectivity to the untapped local business segments of India.

This movement is a grand mission to build a multi-linked self-sustainable and interconnected digital economy and social structure, on the backbone of Indian Local Businesses.

Our Goal

How will we Achieve

Digital परिवर्तन

Digital परिवर्तन  will be the initiative connecting all the dots and MLocal will be the technology backing the entire program! Simply put - MLocal is an enterprise level Local Area Assistant Tool that will help local businesses across the city with a host of social and business services. And it will be used as the digital platform to enable ‘Social Connectivity’, while empowering them to generate ‘Business Opportunities'. The project will be piloted in pre-selected areas across India, where a 360 degree digitalization campaign would take place. There would be two models required to create the परिवर्तन : -

Digital ग्राहक Model

Partner will be the backbone of the entire model. You are not just a member, but you will be a co-partner and will play a key role in creating and managing this entire local merchant network across the city, in exchange for a host of benefits. Basically, you will be the connecting point between the brand and local businesses. Key Benefits that our co-partner would have access to, includes :

Proprietary Software

Access to a proprietary software with features like admin tool, cloud space, directory database, etc.

Merchant Income

Enrol merchants to the M-commerce platform to setup a virtual store and earn a share of the fees

Ad Space Income

Lease out the allocated space on the app and earn a share of the advertisement income.

Digital व्यापारी Model

Our Digital व्यापारी will be a highly critical aspect of the entire business model. They are the local business merchants who will leverage the platform to list their business, services and products - to promote and drive business, besides receiving a host of other benefits. Key benefits that our local merchants would have access to, includes :

Merchant Platform

Manage your business, products, services, orders, enquiries, etc using the user-friendly backend application.

Ad Space Buying

Leverage premium advertising space across the platform to run ads on the platform to drive business.

M-commerce Store

Use the M-commerce platform to setup a virtual store to list and sell your products and services.

What is the inspiration behind...

Digital परिवर्तन


AMUL " Anand Milk Union Limited " is a cooperative brand jointly owned by 3.6 million milk producers under Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation. It was an angered response by the farmers, to the unfair trade practices and the exploitation done by the agents and traders of the only existing dairy - the Polson Dairy, which eventually made India, the world's largest producer of dairy products.

People Employed - 3.6mil+

In Revenues ( 2018-19 ) - 38,000 Crs.

Milk Procured in a day - 23 mil litres


Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad, is a women's cooperative body that began the Lijjat Movement. It believes in the philosophy of sarvodaya and collective ownership, and was started with a clear objective of empowering women across India by providing them with employment opportunities using the only skill they had - cooking.

Women Employed - 45,000

In Global Exports - Millions

In Annual Turnover (2018-19) - 800 Crs.

Our existing projects

Our Products are regional language and state based, developed for MLocal Maharashtra, MLocal Gujarat, MLocal Delhi, MLocal Uttarkhand, MLocal Madhya Pradesh. Also we are rapidly coming up with rest states of India.

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